維也納他演奏家Marek Tomaszewicz與學生交流結他演奏技巧

2010年12月至19日維也納他演奏家Marek Tomaszewicz 到高第音樂演奏並與學生分享及交流結他演奏技巧。

日期: 19 Dec, 2010 (Sun)

時間: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

地點: 高第音樂 旺角廣華街48號 廣發商業中心1902室

價錢:$50/ 高第音樂學生免費

關於 Marek Tomaszewicz:

  1. Polish-born guitarist from Vienna,Austria
  2. Graduate of The University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna with 2 diplomas :  the solo concert guitar performer and  the guitar teacher
  3. Experienced solo concert  artist and the  teacher living and working in Vienna, Austria since 15 years
  4. Solo guitar performances in London, France  ,Spain ,Portugal ,Greece ,Cyprus ,Egipt,Tunisia,Germany ,Poland and Sankt Petersburg (Russia).
  5. Composer of varies guitar solo pieces in Latin, Jazz,Funk and Classical styles.


  1. Canarios In D – Composed by Gaspar Sanz
  2. Tango en Skai- Composed by:Roland Dyens
  3. Piedra De Toques (Salsa) – Composed by:John Zaradin
  4. Godfather Soundtrack – Arranged by: Marek Tomaszewicz’s
  5. Alegrias (Flamenco) – Composed by:Gerhard Graf-Martinez
  6. Asturias- Composed by:Isaac Albeniz
  7. Concierto De Aranjuez -Adagio- Composed by:Joaquin Rodrigo
  8. Get the Groove (latin)- Composed by:Marek Tomaszewicz
  9. Mas Que Nada- Composed by:Sergio Mendes
  10. Garrotin (Flamenco)- Composed by:Gerhard Graf-Martinez
  11. Bulerias (Flamenco) – Composed by:Gerhard Graf -Martinez
  12. Milonga- Composed by:Jorge Cardoso
  13. Tangos (Flamenco)- Composed by:Gerhard Graf-Martinez
  14. Spanish Romance- Arranged by: Marek Tomaszewicz