Little Multi-Instrumentalist – Find the right instrument for your kid!

For 4-6 year old.

In total 24 lessons, your children will explore different music instruments include: piaon, vocal, guitar, yukulele and drumset which are the best for beginners. At the same time, they will exposed to different music styles , from classical to jazz.

Inspired from Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence approach, our multi-instrumentalist course will help develop the seven distinct intelligence of your kids and unfold his/her potential on music!

Students will be given a report on their strengths and suggestions on which instrument(s) suit him/her the best, plus a certificate of completion by the end of the course.

Registration or Inquiry: 5300-7231
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Little multi-instrumentalist and kid’s guitar course are taking place at Mongkok.


Frequently Ask Questions 

Q: What kind of instruments will my child play?

Multi-instruments include instruments in different family: Brass, Strings, Woodwind , Percussion and Keyword. Our course start with the easiest and most suitable instrument for young kids, that is : piano, guitar, drumset and vocal. Students will explore to one instrument in each session. At the same time they will listen to different music styles as well.

Q: Why kids should learn different instruments?

Each child is unique and have special gift. Through exploring on different instruments, they will know more about what they like and strong at. A lot of children or adolescent give up their instruments after learning for few years or even 10 years, it is because they suddenly found they like other instruments more or do not really into the one they are learning.

Q: Does it require any musical background ?

Not necessary.  The course will be tailor-made for each student/group.