Rich Tone Pop Singing Class (6-8 people)

for those who wish to improve singing skills

Goal:Improve your Pitch, Tone and Range through various breathing and diction exercises; develop confidence  image and stage presence by singing in front of the class with guideline of the tutor.

About the course:

  • Warm ups and practice exercises
  • Breathing and diction, include breathing exercises to improve projection, diaphragm control, intonation and tone
  • Operatic singing technique (美聲唱法)
  • Vocal arrangements and intonation
  • Lyrical themes and song styles analysis
  • Confidence, image and stage presence technique, include: microphone usage, vocie projection and performance skills etc.

Registration or Inquiry: 5300-7231
Inquiry-courses of grandee music

Class Schedule (1-1.5 hours)

*seats are limited, first come first serve.



45 Mins

60 Mins

1 Student

HK$270 HK$330 HK$430

2-3 Student


4-6 Student

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