Francis Su


  • Graduated in Musicians Institute – Guitar Institute of Technulogy (GIT), USA
  • Singer of advertisement song -Wu Long Tea (currently playing in Japan)
  • Singer of Cartoon and Muppet drama of Disneyland
  • Assistant producer of Midiland Studio, job duties include composing advertisement songs,music, vocal acting and sound mixing.
  • Repertoire Assistant of Sony Music-Artist, responsible for song composing, rearrangement and production
  • Being invited as the song composer, arrangement and chorus of experienced singer song writer Ms Kori Ku
  • Joined the competition 「原創歌曲新人類」organized by Radio Hong Kong and Warner Music and gained full marks for the song composition judged by Mr Joseph Koo Ka Fai,famous composer of Hong Kong
  • Played the bass guitar and keyboard in local band- The Bystanders
  • Formed local band EFG