Yeung Chung Kwong

  • Actively participated in different music concerts in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau and Spain, include  personal solo concert at 1995 and 1997
  • Further his study at Real Conservatorio Superior de Musica in Madrid, Spain, followed professor Jorge. Ariza and graduated with excellent performance,
  • During his stay at Spain, received various scholarship from the government of Spain to participant in classes include: “Musica Espanola del siglo.XX”, “Musica en Compostela” and various guitar courses organized by the institution, speakers include: Jose Thomas,Abel Carlevaro, David Russel,Jose Luis Rodrigo,Gerardo Arriaga,Miguel Angel Girollet
  • Champion of Hong Kong guitar competition , Classical Guitar 1981
  • Champion of Hong Kong school music festival, 1979
  • Trinity College of Music LondonATCL Guitar Recital Diploma , 1982
  •  Teach classical guitar after studied from Spain